Central Telemetry Monitoring

Tired of post-it notes and calipers?

Get one-click labeling of rhythms, patient status and events, along with automated ECG annotation and documentation.

One Screen, Your Patients, Data You Need

Re-Defining Central Telemetry Monitoring


Avoid having to run to the bedside to see what happened to your patients by building your own watch list across units and facilities.


Build a beat-to-beat trend, annotate waveforms and events, and share to expedite collaborations of care.


Automatically send ECG strips to the EMR, complete with measurements and annotations.

CTM Re-Defined

It’s time to bring Central Telemetry Monitoring (CTM) into the 21st century. Discover how you can finally focus on patient care rather than the arts and crafts of ECG strip documentation, post-it notes for patient status that fall off and get lost, and patient risk associated with delays in alerting bedside staff and providers of patient deterioration.

Want to automate and standardize your workflow across facilities?

Central Telemetry Monitoring

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MIC’s Sickbay™ Platform

MIC’s FDA-cleared software-based Sickbay™ platform is challenging the world of patient monitoring and analytics to create a new standard of data-driven care. This is accomplished by automating the collection of patient data from the bedside to bring it to care teams wherever they are so they can:

  • Expedite root cause analysis and intervention,
  • Improve care team collaboration,
  • Remove manual processes, and
  • Improve overall quality of patient care and outcomes.

Together, we believe we can change the face of medicine, save more lives, and help care teams get back to focusing on patients instead of data. Click here to learn more about Sickbay™ and MIC. Check out MIC's resource center for additional articles, videos, news and white papers.

Sickbay's™ vICU

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